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The Museum of Kroměříž District The Museum of Kroměříž District

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Archaeological part

The exposition presents a complete survey of the development of settlement in Kroměříž district from the very first traces of human inhabitation in the Old Stone Age until the Slavic Age. The process of settlement is documented with the help of material sources, archaeological monuments in a close relation to human environment in each period of his development. Dioramic scenes representing life in prehistory and the Slavic Age are presented to illustrate this development. Intensive settlement is documented by numerous relics discovered by accident and systematic archaeological research (e.g.: collection of stone instruments, depositories for bronze objects, Celtic discoveries from Hostýn oppidum, a jewel from Great Moravian graves etc.). The exposition is completed by a reconstruction of primeval manufacturing facilities and a lot of visual material. Along with the archaeological exposition both brief and detailed printed guide rich in illustrations have been published. Knowledge of primeval history can be tested by printed quizzes. Professional interpretation matching each age category is a part of the sightseeing.

Scientific part

The scientific part of the exposition focuses on general issues (structure and functions of ecosystems, characteristic species for different biotopes); this general approach is, however, based on the main types of landscape, which can be found in Kroměříž district. Geological and paleontological exhibits displayed at the beginning of the exhibition are more related to regional issues. There you can also find a survey of the development of flora and fauna in each geological period. Dioramic scenes with taxidermic preparations of birds and mammals represent biotopes of cultural prairies, forests and water surface. There is some textual and visual material as well as other authentic examples of products of nature completing each type of biotope. These are more particularly herbaria, samples of leaves and fruits of woody species, lichens, mushrooms and cereals; zoological exhibits are represented by insects, mollusks` shells and in the part related to water ecosystems, there are even alcoholic preparations of fish and models of amphibians. A brief guide to the countryside of Kroměříž district is available in the scientific part of the exhibition.


Velké náměstí 38, 767 11 Kroměříž
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Entrance fee

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