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The Museum of Kroměříž District The Museum of Kroměříž District

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in Velké Těšany

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It is a two-floor wooden building with a saddle roof, hung-up on a construction made of beams. The base of the building is formed by a cross, into which the central vertical column called “father” supported by four braces is planted. The whole building rotates according to the direction of the wind thanks to a saddle beam construction, which is hung-up on the central column right under the floor of the second storey. On the first floor, there is a flour box with sieves, on which the ground kernel falls from the millstones on the second floor. The upper millstone turns with the help of the cog wheel on the windmill sails. The upper part of the mill, where the millstones and grain hopper are, is called “zanáška”. A room for the miller and his apprentice called “šalanda” belongs to the mill, too. Depending on the required quality, the grain had to be ground even a couple of times. The grain sacks and flour were carried up to the grain hopper on stairs. To rotate the whole mill, a joist reaching down to the ground had to be used, later it was a jack or gin. The windmill was turned in the direction of the wind in the way that the wind shaft was perpendicular to the wind direction. The number of sails also depended on the strenght of the wind.


Velké Těšany
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